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5 Occasions When You Should Rent A Mercedes

Posted on Jul 11, 2017 in Car Fleet

You know that car rentals exist in your area, but have you ever given luxury car rentals a second thought? There are plenty of occasions when you may wish to turn heads and become the envy of your peers by renting a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes. Not only are such cars well-built, modern, and sleek in design, but they’re comfortable to drive and can pack great mileage for your money! Of course, not all events and occasions in your life call for such a rental, which is why you need to pick and choose the most important occasions that make it reasonable for you to rent a Mercedes:

1. Baptism Ceremony

The baptism of your newborn little one is an occasion well worth celebrating by choosing to rent a Mercedes. Not only will the entire event feel even more special, but you can turn the heads of friends and family by calling attention to your bundle of joy! It’s a shame that so few parents really think about baptism as such an important event worthy of a luxury car rental, but you can make memories that last a lifetime by letting friends and family photograph you and your little one in front of the Mercedes.

2. Birthday

When you celebrate a milestone in your life such as your birthday, it’s an event that calls for a special celebration with a special car. Renting a Mercedes can not only help you get to your birthday party destination, but you can travel your city in style and give yourself a sense of what luxury really feels like. Even if you won’t be able to rent such a car on a regular basis, every once in a blue moon it can give you a slice of the fine life!

3. Prom

You know that your birthday is a serious milestone in your life, so you can ascertain that attending prom as a teenager is even more important. It can be seen as the final line between being a teenager and adulthood, so it’s worth celebrating with a luxury vehicle. For that one night in your life, you’ll turn heads and get all the attention so you’ll remember your youth fondly.

4. Engagement

There’s nothing more beautiful than two people choosing to spend their lives together. Your engagement party is worth preparing for, which is why renting a Mercedes can make you feel special and luxurious. In fact, you can choose to celebrate your entire engagement in the car by driving around to your favorite locations as a couple.

5. Wedding

When you’re ready to reach the church for your wedding ceremony, you need to rent a luxury vehicle to make the event memorable. Meanwhile, most couples opt for the tried-and-true Limousine, the fact is that it can get a bit boring when every couple does that. You can stand apart from the crowd and try something different by renting a luxury Mercedes.

Now that you know that there are five fantastic occasions that call for renting a luxury vehicle, hopefully, you’ll consider choosing a Mercedes! Not only is it a great deal of fun to try a new car you would never otherwise be able to afford, but you can turn heads, impress others, and make your event memorable.

Get Around in Style with a Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Posted on Oct 12, 2016 in Car Fleet

There are many reasons for visiting the second largest of the seven Trucial States. Whether your travels to Dubai are for business or pleasure, you know that you have lots of things to look forward to. It is a spectacle just seeing the city at night with lights dancing to music along Dubai Mountain and catching glimpses of all the skyscrapers there. The most popular is the Burj Khalifa which towers 830 meters into the air.

Besides the sights, Dubai is known for world-class shopping, nightclubs and luxurious albeit artificial islands that host many resorts like the Palm and the Atlantis. Besides staying at one of these resorts or any other of the luxury hotels, you will want to be able to get around the city easily. You can do this by hiring a luxury car rental in Dubai.

audi-backYou will not want to go through the city without being in something as classy and as impressive as a Ferrari or a Bugatti. If you think that it is out of your reach to rent a luxury car, think again or visit this link to find out how to hire a luxury vehicle in Dubai.  With a luxury car rental in Dubai, the selection is incredible and it is also incredibly affordable.

Many visitors are amazed to find that not only can they experience the city of Dubai in a Lamborghini but that they enjoy the visit that much more. You deserve to treat yourself to luxurious elegance whether you are doing business or just having fun.

Your car can even be delivered right to you wherever you decide to stay. Or, if you need the car as you are leaving a conference, you can have it delivered to that location as well. The choice is up to you. Imagine how others will look at you as you enter your brand new Maserati or Jaguar. You will feel impressed with yourself, and there is no better city to drive through in a luxury car than the city of Dubai.

The city has opened up to so much more leisure now that the oil business has given way to tourism, trade, finance and fun. There are malls to visit and amusement parks to spend the day at. You will want to go to these spots when it is right for you and you will not want to have to wait around for a ride. You won’t have to if you have your own set of wheels on hand!

Dubai is especially suited to drivers who love the road because of the newness of its roads and infrastructures. No matter what brings you to visit Dubai, you deserve to enjoy the luxury of riding around in a gorgeous sports car or a polished, brand-new sedan.  If you know the exact car you want, now is the time to book your rental. If you need suggestions, just visit your rental service online to see the choices available to you.…

Renting A Luxury Car In Dubai

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Car Fleet

Luxury cars are so popular in Dubai that the city is the home of the largest Ferrari dealership on the planet. It is not unusual to see people driving Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other vehicles you might not see everyday. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, you should definitely consider a luxury car rental in the city of Dubai.

Dubai is one of the only places in the world where driving a luxury car is not an unusual thing. This is perfect if you always wanted to rent your dream car for a day but did not want to draw too much attention. Being driven around by a chauffeur is also a fairly common thing.

luxury-car-rentalThere are many options you should consider if you want to rent a car during your vacation in Dubai. Because luxury cars are so common, many tourists decide to rent one during their stay. You will find several businesses that cater to tourists and offer a wide selection of vehicles.

Ask yourself what kind of car you would like to rent. You can find any make and model, like those offered from Apex’s USA luxury car rental agency. You have the possibility of renting a sports car but can also opt for a more traditional luxury car. You can also rent a limousine with a chauffeur if you want to be picked up in style.

Renting a luxury car is not only fun, it is a great way to get an idea of what life in Dubai is like. You will see many amazing cars during your stay there and might wonder what life is like for Dubai residents. Getting your own luxury car is a great way to experience a slice of the daily life of the wealthy individuals who reside in Dubai.

Call different car rental businesses in advance to get a better idea of what they offer, or check out the Facebook Fanpage from Apex Luxury Car Hire. Ask about the vehicles available, compare prices and don’t forget to do some background research. Select a business that received many good reviews and try finding a place that has been around for years.

Plan some things to do with your luxury car. You could for instance go for a drive around the city in the middle of the day to avoid traffic or plan on driving to one of the city’s many malls.

Renting a luxury car is a fun experience that will make your stay in Dubai truly unique. Learn more about the different rental businesses before you travel to Dubai.…